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New2U Vinyl&Vintage w/ Holly Angel

Updated: Mar 26

Friday the 13th is superstitiously an ominous day. Believed by some to be a day of "bad-luck"; however, for the State of Ohio, it was the day that the Governor announced that the State was going to experience the beginning of a "shut-down" and many panicked with the threat of the "Corona Virus (Covid-19)".

Supermarkets were quickly overtaken and supermarket shelves emptied of Flu-fighting agents and materials and many groceries, as if shoppers were prepping for the apocalypse. Surprisingly, there was also said to be a run on toilet tissue (loo roll for our British friends); this, I will likely never understand. While the world around me was going amuck and crazy, I reached out to my lovely friend, Holly Noel Angel (you may remember her from my previous post about PhotoPro 2020) and asked her if she was up to a "photo-shoot" at a record store called "New 2 U Vinyl & Vintage" in Miamisburg, OH. Holly graciously agreed and we set the date for Sunday, the 15th of March; with the promise that every precaution would be taken by everyone present, to ensure none of us transferred or enabled the transfer of this deadly virus. We (Dorene, Ed and I) spent over 2.5 hours Sunday morning, wiping down everything we could think of in the store, hanging posters and preparing for the shoot and Holly's arrival. Dorene had even invited one of her loyal customers, Ethan Keiter-Graham, to come shoot/model with us.

We had a great time, played some great music and got some great shots. That evening, restaurants, bars and other common gathering places were also added to the list of places that were requested to "Shut down" by the State in order to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

A million +1 thanks to Holly (and her boyfriend Brady) for following through and being such a sport given the gravity of everything that was happening around us. Thanks to Ethan, kewl kid with a genuine and quiet type of personality for agreeing to model for us (I think it was his first time). Most of all thanks to Dorene... without her graciousness to let us shoot in her store, this wouldn't have been near as kewl or as fun as it was. Enjoy!!

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