A New Beginning to an Old Start

January 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

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Welcome to the "New" ERitzFoto.com.
Previously, my page was hosted via Wix.com and while I was generally pleased with the features Wix had to offer, it wasn't long before I found myself feeling frustrated with the cost and numerous charges for each and every little feature. There was of course the base cost of Wix itself, then the Calendar and Scheduling feature was another charge, then there was the ability to show my Instagram and Facebook feeds within my site, and about 2-3 other charges every month that made it just cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

I had used Zenfolio back when I first began my photography journey over 5+ years ago. At the time I really enjoyed the simple and easy set-up and very much liked the fact that a "store-front" was built right into the service. Over time, I became frustrated that I couldn't easily maintain a Blog, themes were somewhat restrictive and well customer service was difficult at times. I eventually went to Smugmug, Squarespace, WordPress and even tried to host myself. And here we are, back at the good-ol'-start.

I did find that Zenfolio has listened to its Creative Users and implemented a few more features and made certain elements of managing a Photography site a bit easier. SEO is now built in and easy to customize. Galleries and such are much more intuitive and I don't need to upload multiple versions of an image dependent on how I am going to use it. I still (at the time of writing this) haven't figured out how to add my own Social Media links (aside from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest) such as 500px or Flicker; but I'm hopeful I will be able to do that soon.

I also haven't quite figured out how to "link" my Facebook and Instagram Feed ... it's be great if I could write a Facebook Post and have it automatically create a Blog entry or vice-versa. I also haven't figured out how to create a custom slideshow with thumbnails at the bottom. I suspect that as I learn a little more, I'll have more questions and more ideas.

Another main contributing factor to the new "look/design" is part of a "new direction" for ERitzFoto. We have now secured Studio Space in Cincinnati, Ohio. Yep, ERitzFoto is now able to do controlled studio work in addition to our mobile and "on-location" repertoire. Located just minutes from Spring Grove (a favorite location to shoot) and Graffiti Alley as well as other great locations, The new space is shared with about 5 other pro and semi-pro photographers. The building itself lends itself to everything from grungy industrial vibe to abandoned locations to private setting within the studio. In addition, there will always be a seasonal themed set as well as typical B&W sets. 

As soon as I can get some images of the space (& maybe a video), I'll be sure to share. 

Be sure to sign our Guestbook and I look forward to many more GREAT BEGINNINGS :-)



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