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Erik Ritzman (aka: The Shutter Squirrel) – ERitzFoto, is a professional photographer with over 5 years of experience.

Stemming from instances in his life that left him searching for answers and a need to re-define himself, Erik walked into an electronics store with one intention and walked out with his first camera. Weeks later, his first images were shared with a professor at New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) and Erik was awarded a partial scholarship.

Beginning as IchthysPhoto [Ik*THis*Fo*to] (a photographic, non-profit endeavor, that utilizes photography and the relationship with "The LIGHT" to boost encouragement and opportunity through teaching, learning, community service, and "pay-it-forward" principles), Erik began shooting events for local churches and community events. His images have been used for advertising and on social-media. His images have been on the cover of “Bonita Chica Magazine” and several other publications.

Erik's unique style of capturing portrait quality images while easily navigating complex social and private events such as parades, community events and even family gatherings, sets him apart among his peers. Story-telling is an integral part of photography and his style accomplishes just that, bringing the subject(s) and its/their individual story(ies) forefront in his images making for more intimate and impactful permanent memories.

Erik’s love for photography only slightly outweighs his love for squirrels. With a collection of over 50+ squirrel trinkets, pictures and even a squirrel-lamp on his mantel, Erik’s logo (the Shutter Squirrel) represents not just his two passions, but is reflective of his personality as well. Fun-loving, energetic, often silly, yet always with purpose, Erik gathers memories and provides entertainment as he does. He is  “The Shutter Squirrel”.

Erik is also a ClickCon 2020 Ambassador for the Columbus/Dayton/Cincinnati, OH area.

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